Saturday, June 6, 2009


Only in B'more. Talk about taking the Lord's name in vain, I don't think King Jesus would approve. I had to hurry up and release this foolishness from my conscious with only a few hours to spare from the Sabbath. I figure by tomorrow I could've constructed an appropriate prayer for the two souls talked into showing their faces in the above commercial. With my hands outstretched, I yelp "BAIL OUT, BAIL OUT, BAIL OUT!!"

Friday, June 5, 2009


Knowing this picture was photo shopped, it's the thought that counts.. right? With all the ups and downs Shaunie & Shaq have had over the past few years, it's nice to see them in a better place. Speaking of.. I wonder how they got here? Just a few years back, allegations were flying back and forth, infidelity claims, hiding money.. what brought the love back? Is that the same love that will bring Nas and Kelis back together, or my mom and pops after 34 years of marriage (not holding my breath for that one). I need details. That picture also made me think about people, and my relationships, how things end up from point A to B (did I lose you yet?). I think about the complexities of relationships and how fragile things really can get. (I hope to pull my thoughts together any minute now). I guess I'm having a day of reflection. Over the past few weeks, I've had two exes in particular, share with me that I may have been the one that got away. Translation.. I've dated a bunch of losers since we parted ways, and now I realize I should've stuck it out with you. While I do get momentary satisfaction, my question is "What's the point?". One was the high school sweetheart. You know that VERY first boyfriend that you just knew you were going to marry and have kids with at the wise age of 18, and the one that completely shocked you when he broke your heart for the first time. The other, the most recent significant other. The one that seemed long term and had potential until one day it just magically fell apart right in front of your very eyes. Ya know, you invest almost 2 years in, family meet and greet, semi co habitation, Sunday morning church services together and then one day.. you think to yourself.. "Nope, not it". So, you rehash who did what, apologies follow and all is supposed to be right with the world? Not quite. This seems to be a repeating theme over the last few relationships, and the common denominator is ME. Is it clarity or is it just adding to my confusion? Moving on..

Monday, June 1, 2009


Inspiration hit me right up side the head like that time when I was 12 and told my pops to "kiss my ass" under my breath (or so I thought) and woke up an hour later in the ER.. (I kid.. I kid). I'm so about to chop off all my hair for the summer, but I know I'll be craving that shoulder length when the hawk hits in the fall and I'm not a big fan of the weave. Short hair is HAWT for the summer. Ya know what else is hawt?.. tonguing down random fine ass dudes (i.e. Jaime Foxx) for no particular reason at all. Now I understand how Halle won that Oscar. All that raw emotion got me sweating near my girly parts. (blushing) Question: How she supposed to go back to her blonde haired, blue eyed baby daddy after all that friction? Anybody???

Friday, May 29, 2009


I know I'm a few days late with my Chris Brown commentary on his latest blog rant, but when the weather warms up, I come out of my cocoon like a social butterfly.. i.e. "I got other things better to do with my time than blog every day". (I'm working on it though). First, if you're trying to up your profile by video blogging, do not.. I repeat.. DO NOT have Lil Bow Wow cosigning in the background. That's like having Monique vouch for you at a Weight Watchers meeting. STOP IT!! I know everybody's innocent until proven guilty, but where's his PR team? Mama? Somebody??? Is Princess Ri-Ri making side comments or posting her opinion on youtube for the tween scene to comment? Nope! Example.. when my dog takes an unsolicited sh*t in the house, does he go straight to youtube to deny? No.. he runs to his bed wide eyed and scared praying I don't find the poop.. he keeps his silence. Now if my dog got the memo, can Breezy get on the bandwagon?

Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been surrounded by alot of family lately, which is somewhat new for me. I grew up with just immediate family since my pops made us modern day nomads since the young age of 3 (Anybody seen my camel?). I never regretted not staying in a town longer than 5 years, cause I was exposed to so many different environments. I also understood that my parents were trying to give my sister and I a better life than they experienced. I wonder what kind of girl would I have turned out to be if we settled down in Shaker Heights, Ohio (somewhat limiting I think). Oh, but the flip side slapped me right upside the head yesterday. Right across town in Northwest DC, nestled on a quiet city block lined with trees and rowhouses, I met more 1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins (from my pops side). You don't realize how much you miss the smell of home cooking until you walk into a kitchen filled with fried chicken, sweet potatoes, cabbage, rice, green beans, corn bread, and "the icing on top".. pink coolaid (yummy). Remember in the Derek Fisher movie, at the end when Derek just got back from seeing the crackhead mama that abandoned him as a baby and he walks back into the house to be greeted by aunties, uncles, and the Queen Mother that looked like she was hanging on by a string? That's how I felt (maybe not that dramatic). Reminds me of Sunday dinners at my house during my childhood. Some cousins sitting at the table recounting old stories of the old days in Fairmont, WV, to the younger cousins sitting in that small room right off the kitchen watching the playoffs, while the elders were on the back porch talking shop. A house full of laughter. I thought to myself. That's how I want my kids to grow up, surrounded by family. Just thinking out loud...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


That's my mom in the middle.. please don't tell her she's made it to the blog!!!

I'm very blessed. I guess that is the best way to some up God's gift to me in the form of my mother. I may be a little biased, but you know how when you first meet someone and their warmth and inner light is so obvious. When (new) people meet my mother, that is the first thing they say, without even really knowing her. It's more than that sweet Southern Belle hospitality that radiates. The Great Nurturer is what I call her. I still struggle to grasp the full understanding of that quality. Simply, her greatest role in life is being a mother. The things that make me smile about her.. when I go home, I still can't leave a dish or glass on the kitchen counter for more than 5 minutes unattended or it mysteriously disappears to the dishwaher, how she refuses to go to bed before 11 pm each night eventhough she is in a deep nod on the couch by 9:30p, when she leaves me a voicemail that starts with "Hello, this is mother" (like I don't recognize her voice), when I used to sneak into church (late) I could always find her on the same pew/same spot... and last but not least.. she has become an adoptive parent to my beloved Yorkie as if he were her own. Things that I used to consider as nagging are now quite endearing, just part of her charm. All the sacrifices, all the times she was there when I didn't even know it. I look forward to the day when I can be that kind of mother. Everything that she is will shape me in the mother I hope to become. I love you Mommy! (sniff sniff)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Those Charles David, patent leather, 4 inch, gold buckled sandals are the DEVIL!!

I remember the good ole days. Back in college, when I could roll out to an Alpha, Kappa, random house party in my cut offs, tank top, and flip flops and that was considered appropriate attire. Yeah, that was circa '91, and the french roll was in, but everybody was on the same page. I don't know if I can compete. Out with my girls last night, and while I had a great time doing my best version of the "stanky leg", I almost lost a toe. See, when you cut off blood supply to an extremity there's alot of pain involved. It's sad I have to plan my walking distance to the spot, and once I get inside I'm looking for the first chair.... and that practice walk we do in Nordstrom, when we're trying on the shoes don't count. That is false advertising! They need to give you a make shift runway and let you walk non stop for 10 minutes and then you get to figure out if you'll need foot surgery or not. I say we go back to the flip flops.. let's all band together.. they got'em at Old Navy for $3 a piece.. we'll be comfortable and save money. Then I won't have to go back to my car doing the "I'm trying to hold good posture and be sexy, but I'm in agonizing pain" walk. Won't you join me?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's hard out here..

It's like looking in a mirror, well.. not exactly. It looks like her and Gayle made a late night run to Menopause R Us. Yet, my soul still jumped with glee. Remember at the end of the movie Malcolm X when the little kids stood up and repeated "I am Malcolm X", and then another kid stood up and yelled "No, I am Malcolm X" and the one kid jumped up and punched the other one in the eye, and fight ensued? Okay, just kidding, but gazing at Oprah's unprocessed hair sent a chill down my spine. Any connection I can have with that woman made me jump up and say "I am Oprah Winfrey". To all the naturals of the world.. STAND UP!! I may have to run from humidity like a bat running from daylight, but me and Oprah are one and the same.. no weave.. no lye!


I'm pulling my size 5 out of my mouth as I type. Why did I hate on "Obsessed" so much? Check my post "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT". Lets look at the bigger picture. While I already have my preconceived notions about the movie, it reached number 1 at the box office with two leading African American actors, and last but not least... it was directed/produced by Rainforest productions.. FAMU GROWN!!! Is there an Oscar nod for Mrs. Carter right around the corner?.. umm nope, but I can put my HATERADE down and put up $8 for the cause.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things that make you say..

Since the weather is starting to finally break, my air conditioning in my car started to do the same. So, I made my scheduled appointment at my dealer for the repair. The first quote for the service was $200. Okay, it's still highway robbery, but fools can't drive around with sweat puddles under their arms all summer. Then I get another call from my service writer 2 hours later, and they have magically found another problem.. now its my auxillary fan that needs to be replaced which has bumped the price to $900. Which was met with a deep long winded "SHEEEEEEE-IT!" (in my best Senator Clay Davis voice). I felt like calling my service writer a fish eyed fool. So, I'll locate my local car repair guy to fix the same sh*t for half the price (I ain't no dummy). So until then it'll windows down.. sunroof open.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It truly saddens me to utter these words out loud, and I pray the House of Dereon will not hold it against me.. but.. erruuuhh.. B's suspect acting skills will have me hold off from paying my hard earned money at the theater. Is it me or does she have the same accent in every movie.. you know the Foxy Cleopatra with just a hint of Houston, Texas. I call it the Terrence Howard syndrome. Will I be front row at her DC stop for the I Am.. Sasha Fierce tour..? Absolutely (with a hookup), but I'll hit TV Shack for the bootleg version of "Obsessed". I remember when it was done the first time and they called it "Fatal Attraction".

Jesus Lawwwwwd (as my coworker would yelp), did I have the audacity to not mention my baby daddy Idris Elba? Lawwwwd, I drop to my knees and repent for the oversight. Okay, thats two Hell Marys and a promise to fry chicken on Sunday. Jesus Wept! Amen.


Did I miss the memo where it became a travesty to adopt/sale kids right here in the United States? While I do completely empathize with the mother of Rubina Ali for laying the smack down on her greedy stepmother for trying to sell her daughter into some type of child slavery, do you know how many neglected kids stuck in this country's child welfare system that need good homes? While I do find it sort of commendable that Madonna is trying to counteract all that sinning she did in her early twenties by now trying to adopt half of Malawi, isn't she from Detroit? Can't she just roll right up to a group home and pick out one or ten? On a serious note, my sister and her husband had the pleasure of adopting both their kids and giving them the opportunity for a better life, and they didn't have to cross the pond to do it. Just a thought..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Quit or Not to Quit?

A few weeks ago, I posted my PRELIMINARY rules for Face Book, however, it seems as though many of us feel the same way. Please read the attached. These are my rules + 1.  I agree 110% !! Should we break free?  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


If the above pic caused you the throw up (just a little) in your own mouth, you can take one spoonful of Pepto and advance to level 2. If you find the above pic enticing, you forgot to take your tang vitamin today.
Now I just got off the plane from a magical weekend in the Windy City to commemorate Jesus' resurrection and I come back to this . There is so much wrong in this picture, I dare you to keep it under 4. I know SB puts his panties on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, but when does it stop. This took me back to when I was a shorty and my teeny bop crushes used to melt my heart with the dreams that one day we would be united in holy matrimony. Yes, Ralph "crooked teeth" Tresvant was at the top of my list. I miss the 80's. Now I can't get that damn song out of my head.. "Hopped up out the beeeeed..."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Is the circus in town?

The above pic now constitutes as a luxury loaner these days.

These auto bailouts got these auto makers shaking in their boots. I don't want to keep perpetuation the term "recession", cause like most of you.. I need to be optimistic about my financial situation.. BUT, I dropped off my luxury SUV for service this morning. Now I'm used to getting a loaner comparable to what I drive on a regular basis. That's part of the perk of owning one of the luxury brands.. it gives them an excuse to let you test drive the newer model in the hopes you come back ready for a trade in (trade up). They set all kind of traps, like eliminating the separate waiting room and making you sit on the showroom floor with the newest, phattest, fully loaded model of the current car you are getting serviced. We've all done it.. you go sit inside that brand new 760i with the heated steering wheel trying to figure out how you can make those payments. Cut out eating for a year, or sell a kidney? Umm no. So as I'm daydreaming.. sitting in that 2009 4.8 X5, intoxicated by the smell of new leather, my service writer pulls up in what looks like a cross between a clown car and a luxury go cart. Do I have my bourgeoisie hat on today? So not trying to be a car snob, but can I get the keys to that suped up 645 convertible parked in the back? He politely smiled and said "This is all we got". As much money I'm about to drop to repair my cv boot (not sure what that is exactly), can you appease me just a little? I know a car is too small when a 5 footer (such as myself) started to feel claustrophobic. My car will be ready by 4.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peace in the Middle East

And the lovefest continues...

How can one man bring so much hope and prosperity and was a mere unknown just over 3 years ago? I am still amazed at the love affair the whole world is having with our President Obama. It got me thinking, I'm going to take of page from his play book. I'm starting my own personal lovefest today... to everybody! That's right blog readers.. I LOVE YOU! When I see you on the street, I'm going to open my arms to embrace you. If I walk past you in the hallway and say "Hello", and you don't respond.. I won't suck my teeth and roll my eyes or kick my leg out and try to trip you (except for one particular security guard in my building that totally hates his job), instead I'll sing a phrase from Patti Labelle's "Somebody loves you ba-bay.. woah, woah, wooooooah!". I'm going to take my ego out of all situations and act out of LOVE! When you cut me off in traffic, I'm not going to throw up the middle finger salute.. no way.. I'm going to blow you a kiss and say a prayer. Do you feel the love?.. cause I do!

Friday, April 3, 2009


While I do think sometimes it is very sexy to see a man uncover his emotions, the sob fest I witnessed last night had me checking for my own sack (ewww!). Everybody is trying to figure out what's wrong with Q. I know what his problem is.. he's GAY!! He is coming to terms with his alternative lifestyle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, just come out of the closet already. If you ask me, Dawn has more testosterone than her man (gay husband). The truth will set you free..

Funniest moment.. during the fight sequence, Q is being lazily held back my Big Mike, while it took Willie, Robert, the producer, and a few cleaning ladies to hold Brian's 5'2" frame back. Will the fighting ever stop?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Life is full of cycles. From birth to death, everything reverts back to the beginning. Over the past few years, my mother has been caring for my elderly grandfather in her home. After much soul searching, she had to make the agonizing decision to put him in a nursing home. My dearly departed grandmother met the same fate a few years back due to Alzheimers before her passing in 2005. So I know my mother's anguish. My grandfather's mind is still pretty sharp, but his body can't keep the pace any longer. It is like becoming a child again. While home over the weekend, it hit me that the end may be near. Not to sound morbid, but something in his eyes seemed different.. like the will to live was slowly leaving him. He's told me on many occasions that he's ready to leave God's Green Earth in the hopes of reuniting with my grandmother (Sooter) again. I know this cause every nurse that comes in the room he calls them Ezell (Sooter's government name). That theme became more prominent after being widowed. He knows there is nothing left for him to do here. Still in awe of his clarity at the wise age of 93. Watching my mother feverishly care for him has allowed me to have this same conversation with her. "You know you'll have to move in with one of us (my sister is in Chicago) when the time comes." I said. Remarkably, I could see a tinge of rebellion as she rolled her eyes to say "If you have to put me in a home, I'll be alright." :o( I know that reality is atleast 20 years away.. God willing.. but the conversation has to happen now. Now, I just have to figure out how to have the same conversation with my pops.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Dream Date...

I started watching Dancing with the Stars to see if Lil Kim had any other skills outside the ones she obviously learned on the pole (not judging), but last night Gilles & Cheryl killed it. Y'all remember Gilles in that infamous "Sex and the City" movie scene where he introduced Mr. Happy to female(and some male "how you doin'?")movie goers across the nation. Anywhooo.. after you fast forward past all the idle chatter about bundled nerves, double eliminations, and starving children (sorry.. wrong show), you could catch a glimpse of what my dream date would be.. for now anyway. I admit, it would be damn near impossible to get the average 30-40 year old single black male to agree to this.. sober, unless the promise of hot, sweaty sex was the final result! I like a man who can lead!! The magic starts around 1:30.


Can't short change my girl Lil Kim. If you saw "Notorious", she should write an instructional manual on mastering the come up.. minus the nip and tucks. Click here if you feel like day dreaming.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We need to have rules for Facebook……

Alright people, Yes, the "chicks" have converted. Now that I am a part of the true "cyber universe" and have joined FB, I think there needs to boundaries and limitations. While I am enjoying my ability to reconnect and tell people what I am doing every minute of the freakin' day, I feel that on a few occasions, people have stepped too far outside of their box. I have had this discussion with my "chicas" on many occasions and I think we agree, there needs to be very explicit rules. No shades of gray. If you don’t, it may cause major confusion in the long run so lets save ourselves some heartache!

Here are a few of my rules: feel free to comment, add, or adapt your own! My expectations may not be your expectations…...

1. If you are married or have a VSB "Very Serious Boo" -if an EX or anyone you EVER slept with tries to "friend" you - JUST SAY IGNORE!! It will feel like you are being tortured to death by paper cuts if your mate ever finds out. Trust me on this one….

2. Settings- make sure that you create your settings to only allow you or your friends to see your page. Once again, the crazies are out there but more importantly many employers are searching potential candidates pages for any shenanigans. If you have been "tagged" in a photo where you are drunk at the club sprawled out on the dance floor a future employer may use that against you!

3. Unless your FB page states you are interested in a relationship, don’t add people you don’t know! Many do it just to escalate their "friend" number. Too many crazies people, too many crazies!! And the number of friends you have really doesn’t matter now does it? If your true friends and or family are on your page, that is who you really care about RIGHT?!?!

4. Coworkers- to add or not to add? The problem with large numbers is that you forget who you have enlisted as your " friends" and when you write that you have been sitting on the toilet, out binge drinking or hooked up with a one night stand does that really need to be the topic of convo around the water cooler? Don’t think so!

5. It is OKAY to DELETE!!! I delete miscellaneous people I made my friends because I thought I knew them or we had ONE friend in common. I delete those stupid friend things you all want me to do like send a kiss from a monkey to ten people. I delete party promotions for cities I do not live in, I delete dumb ass comments, I delete stuff I just don’t feel like answering. I am SOOOO okay with it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You know how you are watching something completely hilarious and you want to release a laugh so loud bodily functions may not be able to contain themselves.. ewww! I don't know why I found this one so funny, but the gut wrenching clencher is when the flip flops fly off into the air. Gave me the LOL's!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When I look at the above pic, the first thing that comes to my mind is "welcome to the mind of a serial killer". That look on her face screams straight jacket.

I am really loving my new church.. well not really new.. I just rejoined two weeks ago. I usually get a little annoyed when they announce there is a guest pastor, but this one was good. He talked about the daughters of Job (won't get into the specifics since I left my Bible in the car). The short and sweet version.. illustrates how beneficial the strong bond between fathers and daughters can be. So, it got me thinking about modern day traditions our society uses to display this treasured bond. When I was 17, I participated in a Debutante Ball. It is a formal way for young women to be introduced into society. Yeah, it was fun dressing up in what looked like a wedding dress for a teenager (there's a connection), while on display for all of high society (more like mid society) to gawk at. Adhering to all the strict protocol, detailed etiquette, the all white dress code which was a sign of purity (technically I was still pure at the time.. thank you very much). The one thing that sticks out in my mind is the father/daughter dance. What a profound symbol at a young age. We all know that daughters usually learn how to be treated by their future boyfriends/fiances/husband by the example passed down from their fathers. Both positive and negative. With all the "daddy" issues I have, he did always make me feel that I should expect and always deserve the best. I see it now in the raising of my young niece and that special bond that is now developing between her and my brother in law. I think we take those lessons for granted and they usually get side lined for the quick and easy fix. Here I am, almost 20 years later, having to remind myself to revert back to the basics. The lesson can be so simple.. yet so easily forgotten.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I personally was a witness to this dream some time ago during my college days in Tallahassee where Little Ke Ke opened her mouth to sing at the drop of a hat.... the Miss Freshman pageant and most memorably in apartment #E44 we were treated to a mini concert on a daily basis. It warms my heart to see dreams come to fruition. She definitely deserves it!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Souled Out - Hezekiah Walker & LFC

I'm in a good mood today. It's cloudy outside, but not on my soul. Seriously.. uh oh.. I feel a testimony coming on. I have my "Jesus" moments. I don't just drink the occasional martini, mildly curse (I'm working on that). There is some good deep down in here. To steer you in the right direction.. my "HAPPY DANCE" pick for the weekend is surprisingly not from the Gucci Mane collection. If "Souled Out" doesn't put you in a warm mood, I don't know what to tell you.. drop down on your knees now! Jesus wept!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Watch CBS Videos Online

Like beating (poor choice of words) a dead horse, I know this subject has been discussed at length. Eventhough, I've known my stance on the matter.. (a man should never hit a woman under any circumstances), I know opinions vary depending on age, gender, race, and level of retardation. I've gotten comments from friends, coworkers, the chick that takes the orders behind the counter at Full Yum (shout out to Joon Sung), and even the Great "O" chimed in. Fortunately, I've never been in a relationship were a disagreement has ever reached that level of violence. Some may say that means I've never been in a real relationship... and to that I say.. "the yellow pages has a list of therapist.... pick one!". Ain't nothing wrong with a little therapy, I plan to go get some as soon as my job goes permanent and after my 90 probation period my benefits kick in. I figure since I was blessed to see the age of 29.. okay.. 32.. dammit 35.. I'm one of the lucky ones. I like Katie's approach... short, sweet, and to the point.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In the illustrious words written by Rick James and sung by Eddie Murphy.. "my girls love to party all the time.. party all the time... party all the tiiiiiiime." I know this is the second time I've used this in a blog post.. but it can be used in so many different situations. I've reached the point where the mind and body are starting to separate. You know.. your mind has plans, but the rest of your body didn't get the memo. I cannot go from hustle mode to party mode within a span of 12 hours with only one meal and no nap (the two apple martinis didn't help). Now, I am paying dearly for it. The body shut down started almost two days after the festivities.. the sore muscles, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and worst of all .. the shakes. I'm waving the white flag in surrender. I get it. I'm not 25. I can't go hard like that anymore. Now all I have left is the after taste of NyQuil, the scent of Vicks Vapor rub, and a trash can full of dirty tissues. See how Jesus got jokes? I'm sitting down now.

Friday, March 6, 2009


View More Free Videos Online at

"You've got to be seen in green, I wouldn't be caught dead in red!" The Wiz

My pops always told me I was a little too "fast" for my age. I promise you at the tender age of 8, I witnessed the blessed Emerald City Sequence from The Wiz and knew I had to strive to be grown and sexy for life. Somethings just leave an imprint. I was reminded how I lost my way last Wednesday when I awoke to my usual routine of coordinating outfits to realize when I reached work I had 3 out of the 4 color groups on... and not in a good way. Yeah, I'm still somewhat living out of a suitcase, but I need options! I know I need to plan my outfits the night before, but I thought by now I would have this dressing thing down. You know your clothing selection has reached a WACK level when you walk down the hall, eyes to the floor, afraid to look anybody directly in the face. Can I get Ru Paul on speed dial? This may be cause for drag queen intervention.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It is so fabulous to have friends in high places! My girl, Keanna "KJ Rose" Johnson just release her new single "A Better Way" on Itunes today. Click here for more info on Itunes, Facebook, and Myspace!

KJ Rose…vocalist, songwriter, and performer is set to embark on a music career that will one day allow her to transcend genres, audiences, and time. Her tenacity and fervent love for music afforded her the opportunity to lend vocals to artists that include P. Diddy, KRS1, R. Kelly, Mario, Carl Thomas, Monica, Common, Dead Prez and a host of others. This Chicago native is now ready to step into the spotlight and claim her very own piece of heaven.

While growing up on the south side of Chicago, KJ Rose honed her talents at an early age while singing with The Soul Children of Chicago gospel choir as well as The Trinity United Church of Christ young adult choir. She was influenced by the voices of formidable talents that include Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and Phyllis Hyman.

Upon graduating from Florida A&M University, KJ Rose’s enthusiasm for music landed her in New York City. She spent several years cultivating her craft but it wasn’t long before she found herself gracing the platinum-selling albums of Heavy D (Big Daddy), Notorious B.I.G. (Playa Hata), and Mase (Why You Wanna Hurt Me). Subsequently, KJ Rose had a chance encounter with Kelly Price who offered the opportunity to tour with P. Diddy & The Family, which was further confirmation that her dreams were attainable! This experience set the stage for her to soar to new heights landing appearances in movies (Trois), commercials (Verizon), and television (Grammy Awards). Her audacious efforts would later find her touring with major recording artists Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears.

For full bio.. click here


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The other night, I made an attempt to catch The Hills.. no wait The City.. ooops.. I mean, the black version.. Harlem Heights. My sleeping schedule has been a little off lately, cause I only made it through the opening credits... but that was long enough for me to find my cast favorite (I use the word "cast" cause you know it's scripted.. right?). My new girl crush is Brooke. She seems a little cocky, sure of herself, and her gear is HAWT!! Good Bye Old Navy.. Hello Barneys.. okay.. well maybe not good bye.. maybe a SEE YOU LATER. My income has to match my aspirations, I'm on my way. A college buddy is an executive producer, so I'll give it a chance. Tune in Monday @ 10p. Click here if you're bored.


It don't get no flyer than this! My First Lady in Vogue. Ya girl needed some creative inspiration since I'll be pouting and posing this weekend in print for some side projects I'm working on(keep it clean, I'll be fully clothed!). Now if I could recreate this fabulousness by Saturday.. I'll need a stylist, make up artist, hair/weave specialist.. scratch.. one magician coming up! Nawh.. I'm not that bad (Paging Dr. Where Is My Self Esteem). I'll pull it together .. 4 days and counting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only In A Woman's World

See.. this is what happens when a nap sneaks up on you around 7 pm and you wake up 3 hours later wondering why the tv is on C Span (snooze fest). Now, I'm wide awake, dreading the 8 inches of snow I'm going to have to beat into submission just to make it to work tomorrow. Where did my weekend go? To the point, I caught this cute clip posted below. This is sooooooo me and my girlfriends. FYI, I'm the one that would show up to the pool with the control tops... classic!

Watch the trailer for Only in A Woman's World.

You’ll laugh out loud when you watch this trailer for the new series Only in a Woman's World.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My impulse shopping comes in many forms. A pair of PHAT shoes that I know I won't be able to walk in, but they were purchased because they were on sale or in my exact size (size 5's are hard to come by outside the children's department). I made alot of impulse buys decorating my house, Target and Crate & Barrell are the DEVIL!!! or the 4 flat screen televisions that are now sitting in my mother's basement (since the BIG move) that I just had to have in my fabulous fully furnished house that was only occupied by myself and a 5 lb yorkie (he only likes HGTV). I'm so supposed to be on the path of controlling my spending, but driving by a Gold's Gym the other day I decided to stop in. I figured since I was so familiar with my previous gym in Atlanta and frequented it often, I had this membership thing down. Plus, it was time for me to get back on the Elliptical and off the couch. So I take my little tour, of the weights, workout rooms, the movie theater (yes!), and once I flashed the government ID, they literally starting throwing deals at me. So, I signed on the dotted line and looked forward to my first workout. Fast forward to Saturday morning, I head to my new gym with towel and bottled water in hand. I seriously was peeved when I looked inside where my class was supposed to begin and saw no one under the age of 55. I looked on the calendar to see if it was Senior Citizen day. Where are all the hot, young, and fabulous gym dwellers that work out on Saturday morning? It gets worse. I figured since I live in an area where minorities are the majority, I would see that reflected in the music selection during my workout. All I gotta say is Bon Jovi and Whitesnake are not my friends. I'm used to Clay D, MC Shy D, and the Big Booty All Stars. I am now orchastrating my plan to get out of my membership. That visitors' pass is looking quite attractive right now. FYI, if I don't break into a sweat, it was not a workout!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Supernanny, You might need to visit the "hood"....

Okay- I am almost ready to go postal with a 2 YEAR OLD!!!! She is of course, brilliant, so friggin cute, and loving, HOWEVER, She can be hell on wheels! She is a little manipulator (at least I know she gets it honest...) She has my husband wrapped around her teeny tiny finger! I have tried everything- time out (UGHHH!) swats on the butt (She could care less) and trying to be loving when she is having a melt down. Nothing works! She has officially taken over. I am ready for baby boot camp! We ARE NOT going to end up on Maury! Am I more lenient than I think? The true kick in the pants for me is that anyone else that watches her is SO excited to have her. They say she is so pleasant and is such an angel. This is how I know at 2 years of age, she understands the difference between right and wrong. Someone, PLEASE Help!!! I am on my 7th child rearing book but as my 97 year old Grandmother says, Stop with the books!!! It might be time to grab the switch off of the tree.... LOL!!! OK, Please remember, she is ONLY 2!!! But I REALLY do not want to be one of the ONLY African-American families on this show! Getting my tubes tied is starting to look better everyday!!!
PLEASE HELP!!! I did want to give her a sibling.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Sitting here at my desk, mouth watering.. and only one thing can tame this craving.. HOUSTON'S! When did they decide to get rid of the local DC Houston restaurants? I know I just got back, but when I left they had closed the one in Georgetown (prime location) but still had two standing in Rockville and Bethesda. Now we are down to one. One thing about Atlanta, I had four friendly locations that I visited often. Going down memory lane, I remember I was introduced to Houston's in '97 in Georgetown (hi Blink). My love affair began with the spinach dip and the Biltmore.. and I don't want to get started on that Hawaiian Rib Eye that makes me slip into food induced coma. That was my pick me up spot (for more reasons that one). I could go to the bar, sit quietly and enjoy my food. My stomach is turning in knots just knowing I can't hop in my car and cure my fix. I know it's a recession, but I've never been in a Houston's that wasn't packed.. what happened? I'd also like to pour out a little liquor for the Chi town location that went under a few years back, my sister still hasn't recovered.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In the car during rush hour listening to Dr. Laura. Not my first choice, but Hip Hop Nation was in the middle of some Plies mixtape.. I couldn't take it. I usually don't like to listen to her cause she can be pretty rude and obnoxious, never lets the caller tell their full story, and hangs up on them once she dishes out her (mostly sarcastic) response... but today she said something poignant. Here's the story.. typical caller.. says when her and her husband have a disagreement, her husband completely shuts down, refuses to engage in communication atleast for a week. In my mind I'm thinking.. that's most men. Dr. Laura's response was a surprising and simple.. "DON'T ARGUE WITH YOUR HUSBAND". I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes. There is no husband/wife union that I know of where there are no disagreements. So how in the hell do you go through life without arguing? The caller and I came to the same conclusion.. Dr. Laura is dumb as a box of rocks.... but then the Good Doctor said something that stuck with me. She said, unless it is a life or death situation or something that would put you in emotional or physical danger... let him win (come again?). She told the caller not to focus on always trying to win. If you let him win sometimes, he will start to return the favor. So that leads me to my search for the instruction manual on how to get to the middle of the road. Example of my problem (I'm growing). When I get really angry.. to the point where I want to spit.. I either completely go off (which I try to avoid) or I completely shut down and wallow in silence. I figured the latter was better for everyone so when I get a chance to collect my thoughts it would not come out in a jumble of emotional outbursts and curse words. Not realizing that "the shut down" can be harmful, because it allows you to store up resentful feelings that still come out later in the form of sarcasm. I have to learn how to engage instead of deflect (that is so hard since most of the time I don't know when I'm doing it). I was told I have to not always resort to those two extremes, and learn to pick my battles. Honestly, I'm really bad at that one. What's the point of winning most of the battles if I lose the war. So what would be considered the "middle of the road"? I'm asking..

Monday, February 16, 2009


I usually don't get excited or emotional about movies, or maybe my recent movie picks have been a little wackolicious (made up word alert!!)! I know "Slumdog Millionaire" has been out for a minute, but I played myself by waiting this long to see it. When M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" comes on, I got the urge to jump up and start singing (of course without the 9 month baby abdomen and see through black chiffon).. but I didn't. Whatever award they are up for at the Oscars, they need to sweep all categories. Ya girl got a little choked up at the end. All I got to say is.... LATIKA!!!!!!

I went from a masterpiece to warm garbage aka "Notorious". I may be a little harsh, maybe it was my fault for watching them back to back. Next up.. The Reader, The Wrestler, and Milk... I may throw in Mall Cop for a little mediocrity.


Still enjoying my fabulous 3 day weekend.. My top heavy rotation ghetto picks (they're always ghetto ... aren't they?) One day I'll post some Will Downing of Babyface.. but for now.. I'm from the streets....


magnificent - rick ross ft john legend

Turn My Scale On - Young Jeezy

yes - lil wayne ft pharrell

Swagger From Us - Jim Jones Ft. Lil Wayne, Twista, & NOE

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Oprah is the Sh*t!!!

I have gone back and forth on many occasions, but I have never been a hater.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I may become an "OPRAH" stalker...

1. I believe, SHE, TRULY helped President Obama win the "undecided/maybe Hillary- white woman" vote! I know, I know, she received a lot of flack for her endorsement at first, however, people tuned in and finally listened....

2. She admits her faults- Yes, she is a fat ass right now but who has not had their moments. Get back on the wagon and take your ass to the gym!! That goes for me as well :)

3. HER MAGAZINE IS THE BOMB!!! Yes, she is on the cover every month but WHO CARES!!! The content does not disappoint, EVER. In addition to the VIBE and the JET, PICK UP THIS MAGAZINE!!! One of my favorite articles that appears every month is "What I know for sure" and The "Aha moment."

In the March 2009 issue, on P. 62 Jill Scott is discussing her "AHA moment." I can relate to it for a number of reasons, she lost her Aunt unexpectedly, was at turmoil with her family, but mostly because in all this, she learned a valuable life lesson- Enjoy life to the fullest and NEVER compromise on the search for love. Congratulations on walking away from a marriage that was not working, loving yourself first and finding happiness!

Read the article. It is damn good!


I'm ga ga for baby! How could you resist that face? Yep, that's my niece giving you the "whatchu talkin' bout Willis?" look. I woke up this morning and checked my email to find these lovely photos in my inbox. What a wonderful way to start out Valentine's Day. Some people are not celebrating Valentine's Day (I actually know a few that are boycotting until conditions improve), but I'm optimistic! These pics are subtle reminders of what unconditional love is.... family.

My nephew and I going down the Moon Bounce slide.. Weeeeeee!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay, you know I'm at the new job... watching my p's and q's, but I'm being corrupted by my hilarious "who gives a f*ck" coworker that likes to take naps at her desk, curses like a sailor, and take 2 hour lunches. I was coerced.. okay forced on one of her excursions yesterday to Whole Foods.. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN (14th and P Street)!!! Peer pressure is a b*tch! So once I reached our destination, I forgot Whole Foods can be intoxicating and expensive. With two additional coworkers in tow, the original plan was to head to the deli, pick up our food and roll out. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes... right? WRONG!!! They all scattered like roaches when the lights come on.... and one of the Fabulous Four had the nerve to get a grocery cart (WTF are you doing?). The whole time I'm standing there with lunch in hand looking for something to keep me occupied so I don't keep looking down at my watch. What was my impulse purchase?... CUPCAKES! It's a code 10/man down situation. I need someone to yank me up out of here now! I head to the cashier and was floored when my final total came to $17.85 (FOR LUNCH!!).. my original budget was $7.00. I have to rebuke these lunch excursions before I go broke. We were gone 1 hour and 45 minutes! I complained.. "I'm going to get fired!!! " which was met by my coworker's response.. "Shudup!". Tomorrow it'll be a turkey sandwich on wheat with Doritos and a Capri Sun in the 4th floor lunchroom.