Monday, June 1, 2009


Inspiration hit me right up side the head like that time when I was 12 and told my pops to "kiss my ass" under my breath (or so I thought) and woke up an hour later in the ER.. (I kid.. I kid). I'm so about to chop off all my hair for the summer, but I know I'll be craving that shoulder length when the hawk hits in the fall and I'm not a big fan of the weave. Short hair is HAWT for the summer. Ya know what else is hawt?.. tonguing down random fine ass dudes (i.e. Jaime Foxx) for no particular reason at all. Now I understand how Halle won that Oscar. All that raw emotion got me sweating near my girly parts. (blushing) Question: How she supposed to go back to her blonde haired, blue eyed baby daddy after all that friction? Anybody???

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