Thursday, May 29, 2008


First, when did VH1 go ghetto? It wasn't a few years ago that VH1 wouldn't play hip hop. Anywhoo.. after reliving my love/hate relationship with WEEZY, these 19 video entries made it all clearer. I could let WEEZY get it if I was high on crack. That's it.. crack is the missing denominator. I now understand how he gets the ladies. He invites them over to his drug den and serves them "crack-tinis". Crack-tinis for everyone. That is 1 part absolute vodka/ 1 part delusion/1 part "CRACK". GENIUS!! Call Weezy.. so he can make it juicy for ya!

For the Wayne Lovers.. new track from The Carter III. Click the link below. Let us join hands and consume the sexiness together.

MILI- lil wayne - Lil wayne

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Alright ladies, I have to admit that I am a HUGE Sex & the City fan. I am very excited about seeing the movie and I have already made an "appointment" with my girlz to see this flick, however, I do have my grievances....
Here are the things I loved about this "Era....."
1. Exhibiting the true bond of friendship in all of its candor
2. BIG, BIG and more BIG (Everyone in some shape or form had or will have a guy like him in their lifetime)
3. The ability to be sexually liberating (in discussion and in real life)
4. Even though I am not yet 40, the expectation is that 40 is the new 20(with a lot more sense and wisdom!!!)
5. Many times I did not agree with what Carrie had on in MANY episodes, these ladies really did change the face of fashion.

Here is my Pain....
1. Why was there not a girlfriend of color??? EVER!!!
2. Does it really make sense, no matter how fashionable we are, to spend $500 plus on shoes and more than $1000 on handbags when we still have hurricane Katrina victims that are still living in FEMA trailers!!!!
3. Carrie was renting to afford the above luxuries, however, at her age renting is is NOT cool! Use the same handbag for more than one season and save your $ and own a spot B*!tH!!!
4. Miranda making Brooklyn seem like it was the worst place in hell to live!!! I was a resident for more than 5 years and loved every crazy minute of it!
5. The way that the series finale ended...I guess that is why we now have a highly anticipated movie!

Is this just me??? What are your thoughts!?!?!



It's annoying to think a 16 year old would not be enlightened by Ms. Lyte's greatness. No, Lil Wayne did not invent the wheel.


Friday, May 23, 2008


I will leave out specific details to protect the innocent.

Fresh out of a committed relationship, I wanted to change up my routine on how I approached the idea of men and relationships. Usually, I would size men up before they hit the door. Go down my checklists of pros and cons, and then make my decision to proceed with caution or turn and run in the other direction. So on my latest attempt, I met this individual through a friend of a friend. Numbers were exchanged, emails were sent. Keep in mind I had seen this guy about 9 months ago, so I had a picture in my head of his physical characteristics, even though they were a little blurry. After a few great phone calls, it seemed like we had enough in common. He seemed polite and courteous, loves his mama, and seemed drama free. So as our first "date" approached, I have to say I was somewhat excited. My excitement meter dropped to level zero when I layed eyes on him. His reaction was "JACKPOT". My first reaction was "NO SWAGGER". What is "NO SWAGGER" you ask? I didn't do that internal high five I give myself when you are expecting the worse in a situation and the opposite happens. So my counter reaction was to say "but he has a great personality and physical attraction isn't everything. Will SWAGGER matter in 50 years?". We proceed through the date, and I found myself enjoying the conversation, but noticing his imperfections at the same time. His out of date ankle work boots paired with a short sleeved button up brown plaid shirt. It reminded me of a wardrobe of a middle aged man that still lived in the basement of his mama's house. To make matters worse, I had just left a relationship of the extreme opposite where every outing with Diddy Jr.(my ex)became a competition for the Designer of the Year Award. Not to sound self righteous, and I know there is no perfect man but... there is a PERFECT MATCH. There are those tiny little things that draw you to someone, some tangible and intangible. A friend reminded me that I always go for the guy that I didn't like in the beginning. Is that my pattern? If I change that pattern, will it change my pool of dateable men? There is always a learning curve to this dating thing. Am I on the wrong end of the curve?

To have and to hold from this day forward.....How many secrets are you keeping?!?!?

Okay... You might think that this is about marriage, however, IT IS NOT! It is about having children! Once you find out you are pregnant, there is no turning back(for the most part- for RIGHT NOW, we do have options)!!!! As a CMP (Crazy Married Person) I cannot begin to tell you how overjoyed I was to find out I was pregnant, however, once reality TRULY set in, I realized that my once VERY carefree lifestyle(sleeping late, kicking it with my girlz on a whim, NOT cooking, NOT cleaning, working my ASS off) was OVER!!! I have no family in the area to help me so I basically knew that me and my hubby were on our own. I embraced the idea, had an amazing pregnancy, and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Once she got here, I strangely enough, knew what to do. Instinct set in and she is now nearly two years old. I surprise myself sometimes :) However, It is not without hard work. I have a little person that needs me for EVERYTHING, tells me NO, NO NO! Makes me smile constantly, sometimes makes ME cry( won't give me well deserved kisses after a hard day or throws her own tantrum in the middle of the grocery store) but regardless, she is happy and healthy and I am TRULY blessed! But this is what hit home. I read an article today that let me know that I am not in this alone. It was about a book "Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms. " I laughed OUT LOUD!!! If you have not done any of these things, they will either cross your mind or you will say to yourself, why didn't I think of that!!! Here are a few examples:

1. When at the grocery store, in addition to all of the diapers and baby food you are purchasing, you slip in a Nordstrom gift card and charge it as groceries. That is true justification for all of the hard work that you do.....
2. You find out that your neighbors heard you on their baby monitor( they are on the same frequency) and you have decided to change your tone and become the "sweet nice mommy"
3.You lied to your preschool and told them that your son is potty trained and acted surprised when he had accidents EVERYDAY!!!
4. Forgot to pick up your child from kindergarten because you were engulfed in the an episode of the "Flava of Love!!"
5. An all time best- During the week your children DO NOT wear pajamas at night. They go to bed in their school clothes because you do not want to have to fight with them in the morning!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

What are your secrets???? I would love to hear them!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Lord Jesus Almighty, please free me from these chains that bind me!

I had a very enlightened discussion with my beautician a few weeks ago about NO LYE (no lie). Since I was a small child, it was ingrained in me the ideal that all little black girls have to get relaxers. With society cosigning this idea, I took it as status quo. So with much anxiety, I would prepare my scalp a whole week ahead for the LYE (lie) to be applied on my head. As most black women know, I have repeated this ritual for the past 24 years (I had virgin hair until the age of 10). No matter how much vaseline, hair base, no scratching I did before the application, my scalp would scream in AGONY once those chemicals begin to permeate my skin. As a distraction, I would read a magazine, breathe deeply, or sit as still as possible in the hopes my movements would not agitate the apparent pain I was already experiencing. I was never that girl who could go back into a regular conversation, use the bathroom, buy bootleg CD's, order a plate of wings, and patiently watch my stylist tend to another customer at the wash bowl without wanting to scream at the top of my lungs "MY SCALP IS ON FIRE!!". So on my journey of trying the unthinkable, I've let the LYE (lie) go. In great revelation, two of my cohorts have made similar decisions to embark in this foreign territory. I ask for your well wishes as I TRY to bid adieu to the LYE (lie)!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Stale Six

These are this week's six songs that are sticking around like that dude that just won't leave your house by 11 a.m. "the morning after". No, I DON'T cook breakfast! BYE!

Please join me in wishing all of these stale tracks farewell. Listen to them for hopefully the last time here. Presenting this week's Stale Six...

I Remember - Keyshia Cole

Take You There - Sean Kingston

Google Me (this should have never been released in the first place)- Teyana Taylor

Get Silly (another one that should have been unreleased)

Touch My Body - Mariah Carey (Cannon)

Bust it Baby (mainly just for the name of the track) - Plies

Others on their way out...

Love In This Club (original and remix)-- loved it when it first came out, great come back Ush, but now it's killing me!

Take a Bow -- it's time to bow out of the top 10.


MY "RESTORE MY FAITH IN HIP HOP" PICK: "Rising Up" - The Roots feat. Chrisette Michelle

By living in the DC area for a few years, there was no way you could get away from GO-GO! I'm glad someone had the common sense to use it on a single. Maybe now it will get the recognition it deserves. GO-GO WORLDWIDE! It's not just about "Bust It Baby's" and "Drop and Give ME Fifty" and any other garbage that comes across our airwaves.. this is REAL hip hop!

MY "POP" PICK: "Closer" - Ne-Yo

Okay, this one surprised me. Never been a huge Ne-Yo fan. Yes, he's very talented, but I've never really connected to any of his songs. He's a little hard on the eyes, but alot of money and great production will make anyone appealing. This one kills in Step Class. It gives me a burst of energy to push myself across that bench. It get giddy thinking of all the calories I hope I'm burning. So now when I hear it in the car, I do my pretend "I'm Ne-Yo singing to a sold out crowd at Phillips Arena" dance.

MY ALTERNATIVE PICK: "Great DJ" - The Ting Tings

This is what I would listen to if I pulled out my secret blonde wig and danced around while trying to clean my room. I can't get the chorus out of my head. Open your mind people. This is what happens when you watch too much of "The Hills". FYI.. technically, I am too old to know about "The Hills".

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Summer is fast approaching, and for the last 2 months I've been dedicating my mornings to LA Fitness. I've decided I have to take control of the situation or I will be faced with buying a new wardrobe in the Fall two sizes larger than my current dress size.

We all need a little motivation! B. Scott gives me that only because he looks better than I would in the leotard/catsuit. Snap for the kids!

Pledge to Keep Your Daughter Off of the Pole

Here we go again! C'mon Three 6, I know you gotta keep it real for da HOOOOOOD, but again with the Lollipop?!? Now I actually like Lil Wayne's version, because it has some lyrics and a decent beat, but this is straight slutted out wack. I'm pledging to keep my daughter off of the pole. Will you join me? We'll have an annual 10k race in major cities, wear gold lapel ribbons, and more...please, take the pledge.

I'm Sorry Soulja...What did you Say?

AVAYLUBLE. ZOOTED. COLLIPAHK. This is ridiculous. Just because you live in the South doesn't mean you shouldn't know how speak clearly. I am not going to promote this ring tone, but I have to comment because seriously, what happened to hip-hop? Help us!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

WHY I AM SINGLE - Reason #465

The Great Daryl Nathan

Is this dude serious? I think it's a conspiracy. Notice all the individuals giving their kudos are of the caucasasian persuasion. Is this a science project? So many questions... Grand Rapids must be off the meter!!

Don't forget to catch his rousing rendition of the "Batman Theme" around 2:38.

Looks like Puffy's mama needs to file a missing persons report for that wig. Discuss...

Friday, May 16, 2008


Diddy & Cassie.. Kanye.. is that you?

What in the Lupe Fiasco is going on here? Me being a single woman, these fools just made it harder for a chick like me(nice clean girl) to get a husband. KANYE AND DIDDY'S pimp game is getting a little sloppy. I'm sure this ideology will trickle down to the everyday "I'm think I'm hot, but I'm not" mere male mortal (okay, you get points for money and swagger)but "everyday regular guy" ... don't get it twisted, this does not happen in REAL life. If you want the quality chick.. DO NOT GO THIS ROUTE.. Alexis & Kim.. call me girl!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Kelly Rowland "Work (Put It In)"

I'm turning over a new leaf with this new blog thing. I'm for one will not jump on the band wagon of "Kelly Rowland's Not a Star". I was quite skeptical in the beginning, with the whole grabbing to Beyonce's coat tails tighter than my doo rag on my way to L A Fitness to get my work out on (those side naps are DEADLY!). Back to the subject... I ran across a video from her latest CD that is obviously not a hit on this side of the Atlantic. "Work (Put It In)" is quite catchy. I'm not sure why it didn't catch on in the states. I blame Papa Knowles Management for this oversight. Keep your head up Kelly, I'm sure you are selling out in Jakarta!