Saturday, June 6, 2009


Only in B'more. Talk about taking the Lord's name in vain, I don't think King Jesus would approve. I had to hurry up and release this foolishness from my conscious with only a few hours to spare from the Sabbath. I figure by tomorrow I could've constructed an appropriate prayer for the two souls talked into showing their faces in the above commercial. With my hands outstretched, I yelp "BAIL OUT, BAIL OUT, BAIL OUT!!"

Friday, June 5, 2009


Knowing this picture was photo shopped, it's the thought that counts.. right? With all the ups and downs Shaunie & Shaq have had over the past few years, it's nice to see them in a better place. Speaking of.. I wonder how they got here? Just a few years back, allegations were flying back and forth, infidelity claims, hiding money.. what brought the love back? Is that the same love that will bring Nas and Kelis back together, or my mom and pops after 34 years of marriage (not holding my breath for that one). I need details. That picture also made me think about people, and my relationships, how things end up from point A to B (did I lose you yet?). I think about the complexities of relationships and how fragile things really can get. (I hope to pull my thoughts together any minute now). I guess I'm having a day of reflection. Over the past few weeks, I've had two exes in particular, share with me that I may have been the one that got away. Translation.. I've dated a bunch of losers since we parted ways, and now I realize I should've stuck it out with you. While I do get momentary satisfaction, my question is "What's the point?". One was the high school sweetheart. You know that VERY first boyfriend that you just knew you were going to marry and have kids with at the wise age of 18, and the one that completely shocked you when he broke your heart for the first time. The other, the most recent significant other. The one that seemed long term and had potential until one day it just magically fell apart right in front of your very eyes. Ya know, you invest almost 2 years in, family meet and greet, semi co habitation, Sunday morning church services together and then one day.. you think to yourself.. "Nope, not it". So, you rehash who did what, apologies follow and all is supposed to be right with the world? Not quite. This seems to be a repeating theme over the last few relationships, and the common denominator is ME. Is it clarity or is it just adding to my confusion? Moving on..

Monday, June 1, 2009


Inspiration hit me right up side the head like that time when I was 12 and told my pops to "kiss my ass" under my breath (or so I thought) and woke up an hour later in the ER.. (I kid.. I kid). I'm so about to chop off all my hair for the summer, but I know I'll be craving that shoulder length when the hawk hits in the fall and I'm not a big fan of the weave. Short hair is HAWT for the summer. Ya know what else is hawt?.. tonguing down random fine ass dudes (i.e. Jaime Foxx) for no particular reason at all. Now I understand how Halle won that Oscar. All that raw emotion got me sweating near my girly parts. (blushing) Question: How she supposed to go back to her blonde haired, blue eyed baby daddy after all that friction? Anybody???