Sunday, May 3, 2009


Those Charles David, patent leather, 4 inch, gold buckled sandals are the DEVIL!!

I remember the good ole days. Back in college, when I could roll out to an Alpha, Kappa, random house party in my cut offs, tank top, and flip flops and that was considered appropriate attire. Yeah, that was circa '91, and the french roll was in, but everybody was on the same page. I don't know if I can compete. Out with my girls last night, and while I had a great time doing my best version of the "stanky leg", I almost lost a toe. See, when you cut off blood supply to an extremity there's alot of pain involved. It's sad I have to plan my walking distance to the spot, and once I get inside I'm looking for the first chair.... and that practice walk we do in Nordstrom, when we're trying on the shoes don't count. That is false advertising! They need to give you a make shift runway and let you walk non stop for 10 minutes and then you get to figure out if you'll need foot surgery or not. I say we go back to the flip flops.. let's all band together.. they got'em at Old Navy for $3 a piece.. we'll be comfortable and save money. Then I won't have to go back to my car doing the "I'm trying to hold good posture and be sexy, but I'm in agonizing pain" walk. Won't you join me?

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SFS said...

Ha! This is too hilarious--because it's so true. My girlfriends and I call that walk back to the car the "choppy walk." It's like a step, a hop, a limp, a half step--whatever you can do to make it there. I'm not going back to flip flops with you but I feel your pain...literally.